Inova you! Invent yourself!
The INOEH is a company established in September 2010 with the main objective to bring something innovative to the field of cosmetics.              Taken in time of recession is no easy task, but we believe this is the way.

Innovate! Invent! Grow and grow!

We have experience, awareness, knowledge, will and dedication. That is enough for us to believe that we can contribute to this sector.              One of the goals we set ourselves was to show that our culture has color and beauty.

Find out how!
Rua da Estação, n.º 111
2445-287 Pataias – Alcobaça

TEL:(+351) 244 580 410
FAX:(+351) 244 589 269


Longitude: W 8.59.14
Latitude: N 39.39.53

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